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Multi Room High Definition 4K Audio & Video Distribution

We offer multi-room 4K Ultra HD entertainment systems which can distribute a number of audio/video components to various rooms. The system can be programmed to play a single entertainment source throughout select rooms or the entire home. Programming can also be set so that individuals can watch or listen to any source in any room or outdoors.

Each room or outdoor space does not need to have its own personal audio/video system. With multi-room ultra high definition 4K audio and video distribution, you can have music playing in designated areas throughout your home or outdoors without it playing on every speaker. You can designate certain "zones" throughout your home. Zones are ideal for when you are having parties and want to play different kinds of music or television in different areas of the home. Or, if certain members of your family likes one type of entertainment such as music while other members like a different type of entertainment such as television, zones make meeting each individual's needs simple and user-friendly. One central location can distribute all audio and video throughout your home for ease of use.

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