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Home Automation

Home automation simplifies the technology in your home to blend with your lifestyle. You will have ultimate control over every system in your home with a remote control or touch panel, and at anytime, anywhere with your favorite smart device including iPad, iPhone, Android or tablet. This technology, customized to your individual needs, can control TV, music, lighting, appliances, thermostats, shades, locks and security in home.

  • Lights can be programmed to come on or be turned off at specific times, scenes can be set for various rooms or for movie viewing.
  • Motorized shades can be controlled to open or close at specific times, providing additional security and reducing energy costs.
  • The temperature in the home can be controlled to adjust to your schedule and for a variety of individual situations, which will also reduce energy costs.
  • With home automation, you will be able to remotely control security and features (lock or unlock your doors, turn your lights off or on, close your garage door, etc.) right from your iPhone, iPad, Android or other smart devices.


Program everything you want in every room of your house for any activity, the possibilities are endless. Would you like to set an alarm for the morning and wake up to the blinds opening and music softly playing or perhaps the local news playing on the television? Or perhaps you like to have a movie night. With the touch of one button your curtains will close, lights will dim and the movie will begin. An unlimited amount of scenes can be created and customized to your individual needs and preferences.

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