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Home Networks, Telephone/Communication Systems & Camera Surveillance Systems

We provide wireless networks and professional, business-grade networks to ensure speed and reliability. In today's digital era, data is transmitted at a rapid pace and your home network should be just as fast. At Avalon Media Systems we know that a fast network is an integral part of any home which is why we design a robust, enterprise level network for our clients unique needs with seamless streaming wifi. A well-designed home network will streamline home technology for ease of use and convenience. We also provide advanced digital, expandable telephone systems with intercom, paging and door/gate communication and control.

We provide leading edge video surveillance systems with 24 hour monitoring ability from within the home or with any smart device. Whether you simply want to check surveillance around your home before going to bed or are traveling and want to see how things look at your home while you are not there, our sophisticated camera surveillance systems will allow you to view what is happening around your home anytime from anywhere. This includes the ability to view a specific date and time or event along with general surveillance. Our camera surveillance systems will not only enhance the overall security of your home but they will offer priceless peace of mind.

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